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2024 Annual Meeting - New GroupMe signup
February 24, 2024
The 2024 Annual HOA Meeting was held via Zoom On Saturday, Feb 24, 2024 T 2 PM.

Homeowners can join the new GroupMe that was setup for the HOA by logging into the Members page of this website and going to the Forum page. On that page, you will find a scannable barcode and a link to join, as well as a forum post under Community Discussion with the information on how to join the GroupMe. Please email the Board at if you have any problems signing up.

Warning for Most Common Violations

February 6th, 2024 (updated February 24, 2024)

The HOA wants to alert the community to avoid or take care of these frequently reported violations:

  • Overgrown Weeds, Lawns, Trees, Bushes, Flowerbeds

  • Siding in need of Pressure Washing

  • Mailbox Height Too Low (Short)

  • Parking that blocks Sidewalks, Mailboxes, or that is on the lawn

  • Oversized and company vehicles (cars, vans, trucks, trailers) parking on streets, driveways and lawns

  • Visible Trash in Front and Side Yards

  • Visible Trash Cans in front of, or on the sides of, homes. Please use a screen (do not allow to overflow) or keep your trash receptacles in your backyard or garage, out of sight from the front of the home

These areas should be maintained year-round. Please take care of any violations on your property to avoid possible citations.

Fraudulent Businesses and Discussing HOA Business

October 25th, 2019

Fraudulent Businesses:

Please be wary of the following persons/entities impersonating as legitimate businesses with the intent to scam or take advantage of you:

Eric Lopez with Renaissance Construction: A fraudulent roof installer who is currently wanted by the Police Department for Theft.

Discussions of HOA Business:

The Board of Directors for Vintage Pointe HOA welcome open discussion regarding Vintage Pointe affairs, news, questions, and concerns. We ask that all such discussion take place on our privately monitored and secure website's forum dedicated to our subdivision rather than using NextDoor, whose utility is for all neighborhoods in our immediate area. We can reach and discuss your questions and concerns more effectively from our site than from a third-party site. We also want to emphasize that our HOA business is best kept on this site for the safety and privacy of our community. We thank you very much for your support and efforts.

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