Frequently asked questions

I'm a homeowner in this neighborhood. How do I join the community forum?

Hello and welcome. We're glad you want to connect with your community. To become a member, click on the person icon on the right hand side with Log In besides it. Select Sign-Up and fill in all the data. After agreeing to the terms and conditions, submit the form. Please give up to 48 hours for your application to be approved. You may receive a call to confirm some details and you may receive no call at all before being approved. If 48 hours have passed without approval, please give a call for a resolution.

I'm a homeowner considering or planning to move within the next year. How I can get my home displayed on the "Homes For Sale" page to show potential buyers the cost to rent or buy my house?

To have your home added to our directory for advertisement to potential buyers, please email us at with the following information: 1. Your full name, phone number, and house address 2. A description of your property (i.e. "3 bedrooms, 2 and a half baths, with a fenced in backyard. Full electric. Open kitchen/living room. Garage with keypad...") 3. Whether you are offering the home for Rent or for Sale 4. Your proposed pricing range 5. One picture of the outside of your home 6. (optional) Any links to other website where you've advertised your home Please give up to 3 business days for your listing to be approved and updated on the site. If the listing expires or the offer is still available, please inform us. If we're not informed to prolong or delete the listing, it will be removed without contact after 3 months from the date it was uploaded.

What is the procedure for submitting modification requests for my home?

It is HIGHLY advised to review the Architectural Control Committee, Architectural Standards and Guidelines PRIOR to submitting your application. The ACC Guidelines can be found at Applications that do not follow ACC guidelines may be rejected, denied and/or fined. Failure to submit and receive an approval prior to implementation of any improvement is a violation and is subject to a $25/day fine. Applicants should also review the Clayton County, Georgia Ordinances for Residential Building Permits at Architectural Review Application can be found on the Resources page by following the Download Files link. All files are to be sent to the new property management company, Community Association Management, using the email or No submissions are to be given to the Board, without exception.